Sunday, July 11, 2010

the throwbacks.

have you ever noticed how nicely elevens and sevens go together?
like dicey craps games, gallon-sized slurpees,
and of course, lucky numbers-
have you checked your calendars?
it's 7-11, today, all day,
and it IS your lucky day;
we've got some very fresh,
very loud,
very hard hottness for your faces.
yes. we do.
the designs we've heard the most about,
directly from our creative juice vaults,
to you:
you want one.
you need one.
for goodness' sake, you've got to have one.

both guys and girls shirts share the same back design:

once our inventory gets sorted out,
there will be purchase buttons for you to click.
more shirts after being sold out?
lucky you.