Saturday, September 11, 2010

never forget...

about the loud fresh hardness.
...for your face.
and these flaming hot art prints.
...for your wallspaces.
awfully delightful?
we'd like to think so.
just $11, shipping included
and that's just a tempting little teaser
of the big things to come, kids.
we're stepping up our game over here,
and making sure that we've got a tasty new
autumny line of art and articles for all of you guys.
that takes time, but trust us,
a little bit of patience will get you a lot of hot.
before the end of the month,
maybe even by the equinox,
we'll be unleashing a whole new slew of hottness.
more, and more, and more.
on a scale of one-to-ten,
we're still bangin' right off of the meter,
to eleven,
red-lining our revved-up creation stations,
and bringing you guys more of what you need.
on to more important matters.
be the eleventh person to order a print,
and we'll send you the framed original
of that crisp lined-up acorn-skull.
on the house.
you read that right;
the framed original.
that's even more limited than 'limited edition'.
it's one of a kind.
and we'll give it you.
because we know you like it,
and we appreciate you.
it's true.
never quiet, never soft, indeed.
on the elevens, friends.
(and the 22nd is a doubled-up date by our math)
we'll see you again on the equinox...
now stop reading and start ordering.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

a button for buttons.

ok, we just put up a paypal button in the merch section,
so you can now easily send us your 5 bucks for the button packs.
we're going to miss some of the more creative ways people sent us money, though.
snail mail with lincoln rocking an antlered meat grinder party hat?
oh man, thanks for putting in that extra effort,
and taking that five right to eleven.
but for all of you that didn't figure out alternative ways of sending payment,
we just made it easy for you.
now go and get it.