Monday, June 14, 2010

number eleven.

we have a winner.
they are SO in order.
but, to whom?
and for what?

TO the undoubtedly lovely and unquestionably deserving ms. holly smalley.
FOR being the eleventh person to sign up
and follow the comings, goings, and doings of this site.
(consider it a door prize. we've been keeping score)
we are indeed very pleased to let everyone know
that ms. smalley is due to be awarded
and rewarded with some very special swag,
a gift of gratitude and appreciation from all of us here
at the loud fresh hardness that is
never quiet, never soft.
we're putting together a little something just to say 'thanks'.
because that's just how we do things around here.
we told you so.
-on the elevens.
...exactly like we said.
we'd give you a sneak peek,
but we'd hate to ruin the surprise.
(pictures later, pomp and circumstance now)

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Ordering Screw-up

Well, aren't WE embarrassed.
Some of the early birds who bought shirts
went ahead and completed their order
even though the shipping was marked at $10.
What are we, a-holes?
Probably, but we're not in this to take all your dollars.
We fixed the Paypal mix-up.
The shirts are priced at $11,
and the shipping is back to being a reasonable $3.
That's a grand total of $14
including delivery right to your face.
If the other price scared you off,
it's fixed and ready for your order.
If it didn't, and you paid it anyway,
you have a refund waiting for you.

Our sincerest apologies.
Forgive us, we're just seven hours old.

Friday, June 11, 2010


Never Quiet, Never Soft now has an online home!

And to kick things off right,
we're releasing brand new shirts.
They can be purchased in the merch section to the right,
or click here.
$11 each for a limited time.
Any style, any size, just eleven bucks.

New stuff will be released every month.
Same day, same place.

this is it.

you like the loud fresh hardness?
yeah, we do, too.
and it's all right here, just for you.
the result of two unusual art-makers joining forces,
with the aim of creating something even more unusual.
combining elements from two disparate visual lexicons,
to make a third, unique, albeit more difficultly decipherable, language.
...and what do we do when we aren't being understood?
talk louder, obviously.
that, friends, is what we do best.
loud fresh hardness, as mentioned earlier.
so prepare to be pummeled into comprehension.
even without a translator.
the iconography stands on it's own salty sealegs.
or is it tentacles?
or should that be taxidermied paws?
or maybe all of the above?
two individuals,
two separate signature sets of symbolisms-
lighthouses are sexy;
so are dead birds;
antlers are the answer;
my hands have teeth;
we choose the wrench over all other available tools;
hot fire, lightning, bones, and wheat are also acceptable ingredients;
acorns may be what it's ALL about.
and, indeed,
it is probable that what sounds at first like a stampeding elephant
is, in fact, an F*ng tuba.
overlaps and undertones abound,
and that's what makes it all work.
that there will be more of this,
that much is certain.
it's evolution.
it's nature.
it's what we do.
never quiet, never soft.
that's how we live it,
it's how we make it.
we hope you enjoy this first release.
grab a shirt, hell, grab a couple-
every month, on the elevens,
there will be new stuff...for your face.
thanks for stopping by,
we'll see you again soon.