Friday, June 11, 2010

this is it.

you like the loud fresh hardness?
yeah, we do, too.
and it's all right here, just for you.
the result of two unusual art-makers joining forces,
with the aim of creating something even more unusual.
combining elements from two disparate visual lexicons,
to make a third, unique, albeit more difficultly decipherable, language.
...and what do we do when we aren't being understood?
talk louder, obviously.
that, friends, is what we do best.
loud fresh hardness, as mentioned earlier.
so prepare to be pummeled into comprehension.
even without a translator.
the iconography stands on it's own salty sealegs.
or is it tentacles?
or should that be taxidermied paws?
or maybe all of the above?
two individuals,
two separate signature sets of symbolisms-
lighthouses are sexy;
so are dead birds;
antlers are the answer;
my hands have teeth;
we choose the wrench over all other available tools;
hot fire, lightning, bones, and wheat are also acceptable ingredients;
acorns may be what it's ALL about.
and, indeed,
it is probable that what sounds at first like a stampeding elephant
is, in fact, an F*ng tuba.
overlaps and undertones abound,
and that's what makes it all work.
that there will be more of this,
that much is certain.
it's evolution.
it's nature.
it's what we do.
never quiet, never soft.
that's how we live it,
it's how we make it.
we hope you enjoy this first release.
grab a shirt, hell, grab a couple-
every month, on the elevens,
there will be new stuff...for your face.
thanks for stopping by,
we'll see you again soon.