about us

never quiet, never soft.....
it's quite a concept, isn't it?
perpetual motion, perpetual volume, perpetual intensity.

think of it like this:
most folks live their lives on a scale of 1-to-10 basis.
a rating system, if you will.
of course,
those same folks almost always settle for a 6.
after all, it's better than being not half bad, barely.
but we don't, now do we?
when it comes to living a message,
shawn hebrank, albie rock, and y'all,
well we just know how to do it better.
we do it loud & we do it hard.
in fact,
our system starts at 10,
and then jumps immediately to eleven.
if you're keeping score,
then you'll agree, that is definitely better.
loud and hard.
art-making, love-making, war-waging, food-chewing,
whatever it is you're into,
don't just talk about it,
be about it-
and remember the very best way to be about it:
never quiet, never soft.....