Friday, August 13, 2010

Buttoned Up

Friday the 13th, kids.

Here's the sneak peak of the 5 pack of button hotness.
"Sneak peak" is code for "crappy photo taken by the button factory",
since they aren't in our hands yet.
(you know we do better photos than that)
But they are now boxed up, and on their way to us,
which means they are about to be on their way to you.

We covered it all.
We got a LOUD, a HARD, a FRESH, an XI, and of course a NeverQuietNeverSoft.
And we knew you needed all five,
so it's all coming at you attached to the sexiness still-life ever set up.
Does it feature a tuba?
Of course it does!

Five buttons for five bucks.
~shipping included~
And we'll be throwing in some stickers for free.
Limited to just one hundred,
so get them while they're here.