Wednesday, August 11, 2010

sticky situations.

here we go again.
august eleventh.
that means more new treats,
from us to you.
today is the day.
yes, the eleventh,
but also a day of irony.
and excellence.
reading is inherently a silent and gentle activity...
...but stickers on the other hand;
stickers are a form of blaring advertisement.
i mean,
there are almost always times when letting folks know what's up
would be better served by adhesive hottness.
we've got a little something for you:
loud and hard and fresh.
...for your faces.
just to let less aware kids out there know what's up.
never quiet never soft.
there was supposed to be even more special paraphernalia.
there's always supposed to be more.
as usual,
we picked the harder way-
off-sized, limited edition, secret treasures that just don't come
with pre-packaged on-time delivery convenience.
you know how it goes;
had we settled for only turning it up to ten,
they'd be here for y'all already.
(we took it to eleven, and caught a jinx)
it happens,
but we aren't letting our unluckiness hold sway on today.
in fact, friday the thirteenth is the scheduled arrival date.
even production woes can't all-the-way rain on our parades.
now we've also got friday the 13th in our sights this month,
AND a whole other set of treats.
is that a double release?
it sure is.
...all the way to eleven.
check back on friday, and you'll see.
in the meantime,
here's two brand-spanking-new stickers.
you need a stack of each.
and we need photos of the things you stick 'em on.
wherever you are,
we want to see what you've deemed loud/hard.