Tuesday, August 17, 2010

panic? buttons!

now we're getting somewhere after all.
loud, fresh, and hard.
at the same time.
the wait is over,
the eagle has landed,
the crow flies at midnight,
or whatever other coded password you'd prefer;
the point is:
they're here,
they're dope,
and you absolutely must order some.
we weren't joking-
only $5?
if the semi-live flowers and that epic lobster claw haven't convinced you,
and the added hottness of FREE STICKERS doesn't move you,
you might possibly not have any taste except on your tongue.
we mean it.
there's so much flavor on that cardstock backdrop,
the pins are almost overkill.
our hands have teeth,
but yours have opposable thumbs instead.
use 'em to click up some buttons, kids.
and then use 'em to fasten those dots of pure hot on all your sweaters.
you needed perfect wardrobe accessories,
we've provided them.
you're welcome.
never quiet, never soft.....